“I met JP and his amazing wife about six months ago at Circuit Fitness right before I was to leave for my military training. Upon meeting this God-fearing couple, they shared the story of how a devastating blow could have crippled JP’s joy, hope, and success. Yet, despite these overwhelming train of events and handicaps, he and his wife live successfully professing Christ in every aspect of their life. With this being said, I left for training with a picture of this war hero in my pocket with a few quotes of his:

“Army built me to be the best soldier in the Nation
God builds me to be the best soldier in the World!

I would rather be blown up a thousand times than be nailed to a cross. God suffered more

God empowers you to overcome weakness. When you give up, you give up on power.”

I kept this to remind myself to keep joy in the midst of miserable conditions. While sitting in a foxhole during a long mission I began sharing JP’s story with a few comrades who were skeptical to the word. Hearing this story and feeling miserable ourselves, many were brought to tears and confessing convictions and struggles they were having and worldly measures they were seeking to fill the gaping hole of emptiness that only God can close. We began reading and answering questions and asking thought provoking questions to these individuals. Pray that these seeds can be watered. Thank you, JP, for sharing your story and overcoming your life obstacles and living for Christ. Truly a blessing in my life that has spread!”

Kate Smith
January 8th, 2019

“I was just blessed tremendously by this man’s testimony when he visited my church home with his beautiful wife today. His love for the Lord and his strength through all he’s endured in life is so encouraging to me. Because of him I’ll be going into this week saying “Nice Try Devil!” with my head held high!”

Acacia Nichele Callaway
September 2018

“How many opportunities does one get to meet a true American Hero? Yesterday I was blessed to have meet one of those opportunities. His name is JP Lane and his beautiful wife is named, Crystal…. He and Crystal were kind enough to meet up with me after we returned to the ship where I had the honor to hear more of his story. They both touched my heart and I hope to build a long lasting relationship with them.”

Patty Latimer
October 2018

“True American Hero! NEVER GIVE UP!”

TIffiny N Vaughn
February 23, 2019

“Great talent, beautiful voice. Thanks JP for all your help and support to our military families.
Thanks for letting me part of your journey. Airborne brother. Bud and Evan salute you.”

Bud Collier
December 23rd, 2018